SHEQ Centre of Excellence ( is a management consulting-firm, with a strong Health & Safety Training function and now an EHS Manpower Placement service. is focused on Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (S.H.E.Q.) Compliance.

We help businesses solve the complex challenges and decisions facing them today, through on-site or on-line training, on-site manpower placement and on-site or off-site consulting.

Management Consulting with Health & Safety Training function and an EHS Manpower Placement service.

Our Guide to creating a Safety Management System

We can help you with a range of services from developing a health and safety management system (Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act, General Application Regulations etc) to implementing and maintaining management systems to internationally recognised standards for health and safety (OHSAS18001, ISO45001), environmental (ISO14001), energy (ISO5001), quality (ISO9001) and food safety (ISO22001). Our team of consultants at the Centre of Excellence are experts in managing risk in many kinds of business both nationally and internationally. We treat our clients as partners and over the years, the Centre of Excellence has earned a reputation for quality through their consulting, training, software and manpower placement services. We would like to work with you to offer advice and support so that you can help you achieve what you require from short-term solutions to long-term goals. Why not contact us today to discuss your requirements?

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SHEQ Health and Safety Training


Environmental Management, Environmental Engineering, Occupational Health, Safety, Emergency Management, Food Safety, Business Continuity, Quality View Courses

SHEQ Consultancy Services


Safety Management, Environmental Management, Occupational Health, Quality Management, Food Safety Management, Asset Protection, Third Party Certification (help with), IT Services View Services

SHEQ Manpower Placements


SHEQ Centre of Excellence provide trained and competent personnel for short, medium and long term projects. We can provide you with professionals with the appropriate experience. View Placements

SHEQ Products


Managing safety, health, quality and food safety risk is of paramount importance to most organisations. The choice of EH&S practitioners around the world is the mai™ suite. View Products

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