SHEQ Health and Safety Training Courses offers Health and Safety Training in a variety of categories: Environmental Management, Environmental Engineering, Safety and Management Systems.

Environmental Management courses offered by SHEQ include:

FOUL WATER can contain harmful substances and not all such substances can deal be dealt with effectively by waste water treatment systems. The health and safety training course is available in two levels, standard and advanced to ensure that it appropriate for the particular group attending. BUNDING: is a containment method to prevent hazardous substances from causing environmental harm. It is therefore essential that bunds are correctly managed.

Safety Courses courses offered by include:

HAZARD IDENTIFICATION, RISK ASSESSMENT AND RISK CONTROL: The failure to identify hazards, assess risk and control risk (risk assessment) will lead to unnecessary losses within an organisation. If a consistent approach to risk assessment is not employed then not only will exposure to risk remain high, but opportunities to reduce or eliminate risk will be missed. COMPRESSED GAS SAFETY TRAINING:  Management and Use of Compressed and Cryogenic Gases within Industrial, Laboratory and Medical Situations. Candidates will receive an accreditation in the form of a Gas Safety Passport Card which is validated by the relevant UK authority.

Management System Courses offered by include:

Using OHSAS 18001 (ISO45001) to Manage Occupational Health and Safety Effectively The programme will provide participants with the knowledge and tools required to implement and maintain a Safety Management System that will comply with the international OHSAS18001 Standard. It will also be a great help to those who want to improve their existing Health and Safety Management System and Safety Statement.

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