Environmental Management Courses

Environmental Management CoursesEnvironmental Management courses offered by SHEQ include:

  1. FOUL WATER can contain harmful substances and not all such substances can deal be dealt with effectively by waste water treatment systems. The course is available in two levels, standard and advanced to ensure that it appropriate for the particular group attending.
  2. BUNDING: is a containment method to prevent hazardous substances from causing environmental harm. It is therefore essential that bunds are correctly managed. The training course covers effects of spills of hazardous chemicals: On the environment; Legal implications and Public perceptions. Definitions: What is a bund?; Legal requirements to bund; Typical bund configurations; Bund sizing; Bund construction standards; Inspection of bunds: Before entering service; Whilst in service; Examples of failure
  3. The CHEMICAL AWARENESS TRAINING course is designed to meet the requirements for employee safety under the 

Safety Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005 and theChemicals Act 2008. Participants will be trained in: safe working practices with chemicals and work methods to implement in the event of a chemical spillage.

On completion they should be able to identify: physical health hazards associated when dealing with chemicals and the importance of using MSDS (material safety data sheets). P.E gear required while using a particular chemical.